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William Ferrel Bentley
BSEE from Auburn University --1966
MSMT from Southern Polytechnic State University -- 1994
Federal Communications Commission (FCC) - Equipment Development Group (EDG) in Powder Springs, GA
1961 - 2005
Various positions leading to appointment as Director, EDG, Spectrum Enforcement Division in 1997

Experience started with HF Wullenweber based long range HF DF system
    and moved to ferrite loops, mobile, and fixed VHF/UHF DF systems

Developed and constructed many types of specialized antennas for the FCC including HF DF, log periodic, annular slot, yagi, and spiral
Developed and built EDG’s: anechoic chamber, vehicle turn table test platform,
and far field RF test ranges
One of four individuals responsible for design, development and installation of the
   FCC around the globe HF Interferometer Direction Finder system
Primarily responsible for the development of the FCC mobile DF fleet
Primarily responsible for the development of the FCC VHF/UHF fixed DF systems
Authored many articles and presentations about HF, VHF, UHF DF systems and their use 
Top Secret government security clearance (TK G) during tenure with the FCC
12 patents on antennas and DF systems
Received FCC’s Compliance & Information Bureau Chief’s Award in 1996
Patent Agent # 33397: 5/1976

Retired from FCC in January 2005 and started Antenna Authority, Inc.

Focus on covert military and law enforcement DF and Antenna systems
Developed mono log periodic antenna
Developed portable yagi antenna
Developed Static Charge and Over Power Limiter device for receiver inputs
Developed lightning protection systems for HF DF arrays
Developed several different Annular Slot DF Antennas
Developed several different Log Periodic DF Array Antennas

Antenna Authority offers a wide assortment of directional, wideband antennas and other equipment used for radio direction finding and Geo location. We are experts in covert antennas, vehicles and their operation. We are also ready to design new products to meet your specific needs.

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