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Product Code --- DASA-3173 MOBILE DF ANTENNA

For use in GPS and Cell Frequencies

Description:  An Accurate, Compact Antenna for Mobile Operations

 The DASA-3173 Mobile DF Antenna is a combination (UHF & L Band) antenna, consisting of antenna elements with 4 ports each.  Processor uses sign wave modulation for a non disruptive DF signal. It is sign wave modulated not switch so that the signal may be monitored or displayed on SDU undisturbed.  The antennas are mounted in an enclosed housing for environmental protection, providing accurate and repeatable bearing. They are covered with a ruggedized, compact, lightweight, abrasive-resistant plastic cover with UV protection.  It is designed to receive vertically polarized signals in the 300 MHz to 2.0 GHz frequency range. The antenna has an additional antenna for monitoring for use with a SDU simultaneously with a separate output. Both antennas have an 18 dB of low noise amplification in the housing.

The chassis housing is designed to be mounted on steel vehicle roof.  There are three mounting options. One magnetic mounts are attached to the base of the chassis to provide stability and facilitate vehicle installation with additional slots for safety straps.  Two mounting base has arms for attaching to the cross bars of the vehicle roof rack. Three the base can be hard mounted to the roof with closed end rivet nuts.

All power and control signals to the antenna are provided through one 8-conductor control cable via the DF processor. The received signal, with bearing information encoded, is routed to the receiver through a RF coaxial cable. A second monitoring antenna in included for use with spectrum display. Control signals are compatible AADF-3101 Processor from Antenna Authority Inc.

Electrical Specifications

Frequency Coverage:   300 MHz - 2.0 GHz
Azimuths Coverage:   360
DF Technique:   Sign Wave Modulation
Antenna:    Dual annular slot array array
Gain: DF
Gain: Omni
   -29 to -12 dBi
-25 to -6 dBi
Bearing Accuracy:    7 rms
Amplifier Gain:   18 dBi internal LNA low noise
Power:   12 VDC supplied by processor
Polarization:    Vertical
Impedance:   50 ohms nominal
Bands:    One
Connectors:     TNC, and PT02A12-8P  

    DF Antenna Gain Curves       Monitoring Antenna Gain Curves




DASA-3173 Mounted on vehicle

Mechanical Specifications

Dimensions:   Width: 20.5" (52 cm) x Length : 20.5" (52 cm) x Height: 3" (10 cm)
Weight:      15 Lbs

Operating: -20C to +50C Storage: -40C to +70C

Material:   Aluminum, FR-4, Foam
Cover:   White PVC w/UV Protection


Stable, rugged construction, in a compact and light weight design that works in harsh conditions.

Ordering Information:

Model No. DLP-3173-M   for Magnet Mounting on steel roof

Model No. DLP-3173-H   for Hard Mounting with rivet nuts

Model No. DLP-3173-R   for Roof Rack Mounting on luggage rack

Processor Required:            Model No. AADF-3100       

Specifications subject to change without notice
Printed in U.S.A. Copyright 05/15/2011

If you have a need for optimized frequency coverage not indicated here, please contact Ferrel  - info below - we can customize to your needs.

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