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Mono Log Periodic Antenna       Model MLP-100


The MLP-100 is a small light weight, zero-gain, wide band, log periodic antenna. It is manufactured on FR4 .125 fiberglass board and has a useful frequency range of 50 MHz to 1050 MHz for linearly polarized radio waves.  The antenna has a BNC connector and is intended for portable wide band use. Because of its monopole construction, it is half the height of a typical log periodic antenna and therefore much smaller than normally required to cover the lower frequencies. It requires a ground plane and would be typically mounted, or simply placed, on the hood, trunk or roof of a vehicle to be used for monitoring or transmitting test signals.

Frequency Range:         50 MHz to 1.05 GHz    
Radiation Pattern:          Unidirectional
Polarization                    Vertical
Front-to-Side Ratio         10 to 2 dB
Front-to-Back Ratio:      10 to 28 dB
Power Gain:                 
  300 to 700 MHz       -5 dBi
  50 to 1050 MHz       -18 dBi
Impedance:                   50 Ohms, nominal
RF Fitting                     BNC
Size                               24" high x 36" long

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