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AAI Mission Statement

Antenna Authority’s hardware, software, and system offerings are based on the premise of providing the very best and most modern systems available in the world to our customers. The equipment, software and know-how offered by Antenna Authority are the result of many years of experience. This guarantees our customers the ability to monitor and manage modern signals well into the future. Our systems provide an easy upgrade path for adding new capabilities to keep you operational for many years to come. Antenna Authority Inc. understands that a radio monitoring, direction finder, and management system must be open, flexible and modular to meet the unique requirements of the customer - whether that customer is military, law enforcement or regulatory.

Company Profile Antenna Authority designs and manufactures professional-quality antennas, RF monitoring equipment, and radio direction finding equipment for vehicle, fixed-site, and airborne missions.  These radio direction finders are carefully designed precision-built units employing modified Watson-Watt DF technology, and have been extensively and effectively deployed for a wide variety of radio emitter location requirements for many years. 

Mission Statement Antenna Authority is committed to being recognized as a leader in the development, manufacturing, and marketing of high quality innovative RF systems (specializing in Direction Finders and Antennas). Antenna Authority provides  law enforcement, public safety, national security, national defense, and regulatory, and scientific research organizations with professional quality, cost-effective RF monitoring equipment and radio direction finders capable of meeting the demanding requirements of land based, mobile, and airborne DF tracking.

Antenna Authority, Inc. President – Wm. Ferrel Bentley

Antenna Authority offers a wide assortment of directional, wideband antennas and other equipment used for radio direction finding and Geo location. We are experts in covert antennas, vehicles and their operation. We are also ready to design new products to meet your specific needs.

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