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Product Code --- MPDF-3172 DF System
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An Accurate Compact Portable DF Monitoring System

The Man Portable DF antenna is intended to be mounted on a vehicle or alternate tripod.  It is light weight low power and easily transportable. It may be used to monitor and to take bearings on a constant or intermittent, clandestine RF radiator. The COR can be set so that when signal comes on the air a bearing is taken and displayed on the map. The bearing information is stored and can be played back later.

          MPDF-3172  consists of following equipment cables and shipping cases*

DASA-3172 antenna in separate transportable case with cables

AADF-3101 DF processor: 

Processor, receiver and USB to serial

AR-8600 receiver:               

are enclosed in one box to reduce

USB to Serial RS-232:

the cables needed externally

Garman 16X HVS  GPS receiver

Control software with Map Point Mapping

Shipping Cases

*Laptop computer is optional


Protected Recessed Slot on Side

The antenna is a dual band annular slot type that is 17 square by 3 high with magnetic mounting feet to attach it to the roof of a vehicle. It is enclosed in a PVC, formed, ruggedized, and lightweight abrasive resistant plastic cover with UV protection.

All power and control signals to the antenna are provided through a protected recessed slot in the side of the housing. Fifteen feet of shielded coaxial and control cable is provided with each MPDF-3172 DF System. The received signal with bearing information encoded is routed to the receiver through an RF coaxial cable. The GPS receiver is of new design with extra gain and can be mounted on the dash with good results. The GPS provides LAT/LON for the mapping and timestamp for the bearings. The unit comes with shipping cases to make it convenient for shipping to a remote location.


The software provided is intended to control the DF processor and receiver to monitor the frequency of interest. When PLOT Button is pressed or COR is activated on signal detection, the bearing is shown on the map and the time and DF position are saved.  The bearings can be played back later using the same (or a different) system to view the scenario.

View of DF in use


View of connections


View of typical map

Map of bearing cut for typical Weather station at 162.55 MHz
on stone Mountain from Douglasville - 32 miles.

Electrical Specifications

Frequency Coverage:

20 MHz to 1.1 GHz

Azimuths Coverage:

360 in azimuth

DF Technique:

Watson-Watt Phase


 Dual annular slot

Bearing Accuracy:

 6 rms
Polarization Vertical


115 VAC  300 watts


12 VDC 350 mA


12 VDC 450 mA


115 VAC 250 Watts

Mechanical Specifications

Antenna Dimensions:                

Diameter  24", Height: 5", Weight: 35 lbs


Operating Temp.: -40C to +60C, Storage Temp.: -40C to +70C

Ordering Information:    Model No. MPDF-3172

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Specifications subject to change without notice

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