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Contract Manufacturing

Antenna Authority Inc. manufactures its own products here in the USA at its plant in Douglasville Georgia. Our capability to manufacture and fully test our products in house allows us to meet the quality expectations of the most demanding customers while providing rapid response to urgent needs.

Antenna Authority Inc. has a proud history of technical innovation and manufacturing excellence since its founding in 2005. Today the company offers a broad line of antennas and direction finder systems. We are committed to understanding the needs of our customers and providing quality products that meet or exceed expectations.

If you have unique antenna or direction finder requirements that are not satisfied with existing designs, contact us for information on contract manufacturing or find out more about AAI’s capabilities in Engineering, Manufacturing, Production, and Testing. We will gladly customize a design to meet your specific requirements or manufacture a product from your design. AAi offers contract manufacturing services in sheet metal fabrication, CNC machining, steel and aluminum welding, assembly, testing, installation, as well as maintenance.

AAi’s onsite fabrication and manufacturing facilities are ideal for producing small to moderate numbers of antennas or embedded components, creating low rate initial production units for field evaluation, or design verification requirements.

To meet higher volume manufacturing requirements AAi employs local vendors as necessary for CNC machining, laser cutting, painting and anodizing to complement in house production. AAi will meet customer demand and ensure the quality of the finished product

 Quality control is rigorous through every production step and all of our associates proudly take responsibility for quality throughput the process.

Antenna Authority offers a wide assortment of directional, wideband antennas and other equipment used for radio direction finding and Geo location. We are experts in covert antennas, vehicles and their operation. We are also ready to design new products to meet your specific needs.

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