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Product Code --- CBS-01
Cavity Backed Spiral (Refurbished)
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Typical Gain Pattern - every 5 degrees @ 200 MHz spacing

This self-complementary Archimedean spiral antenna is a frequency independent antenna. It is a lightweight medium-gain array designed to receive a circularly polarized wave.  The Archimedes spirals typically cover a 10 to 1 frequency range while maintaining essentially constant impedance over the band.  The circularly polarized antennas have been designed for broad-beam, broadband applications and provide a compact, lightweight antenna configuration which can be easily flush mounted. They are widely used in systems whose primary functions are surveillance, direction finding and telemetry.  This Spiral antenna is mounted in a square structure and made on FR4 .063 fiberglass with a flat front face that can be easily mounted in the side of a vehicle.   It is terminated and loaded with absorbing foam.  Its low frequency is a function of the size and depth of the cavity, while the upper frequency is limited by the detail of the center structure.  It has greater than a 10 dB F/B ratio before mounting into a vehicle. 

Electrical Specifications

Frequency Coverage:   100 MHz 1.2 GHz
Azimuths Coverage:   80 beam width typical for 3 DB down
Antenna:   4-element log-periodic dipole array
Gain:    -17 to + 3 dBi
Polarization:   Circular
Impedance:     50 ohms 
Connectors   BNC


Mechanical Specifications      





downloadable pdf file

  Width: 24" - Length : 26" - Thick: 5

15 Lbs

Operating: -20C to +60C Storage: -40C to +70C Humidity:95%

Aluminum, FR-4, Foam
Stable rugged construction, Compact light weight, Works in harsh conditions


Specifications subject to change without notice
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