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Testing of Mobile/Portable DF systems

Antenna Authority has recently completed our far field, elevated platform antenna testing range and is now able to provide detailed reports of antenna and/or direction finder parameters

Test reports include but are not limited to:

1) Introduction
Test description what is to be tested
Test set up how equipment was connected
Test equipment list
Test Results:

Azimuth vs. frequency
Average error (frequency and azimuth)
Total zero offset
RMS errors Azimuth vs. frequency (Std Deviation)

2) Measured test data in the form of Excel compatible tables and graphs

3) Conclusions and recommendations

4) Appendix:

A. Background for test
B. Location of test
C. Bios of key individual(s)

Testing price structure is broken down as follows. 
A quote for your product will be provided after determining how the following applies to your specific needs.

(Typical tests will be 15 degree azimuth increments at 40 frequencies - inquire about other options)

1. Set up & write code as necessary to control your unit for automated testing.

2. Far Field test range: Typically (1 , 10, or 30 Meters) as required

Bearing error at different elevations

0, 15, 30, 45, 60, 75 Degrees elevation available
Azimuths from 0.5 to 90 degree increments
40 (or as desired) Frequencies across your range of interest (20 MHz to 6 GHz available)

Minimum field strength for +/- 6 degree error on DF bearing (uV/m)                      

3. In Lab tests

Instrumental Accuracy

Integration time

AGC effects - Signal level -10 to -110 dBm in 10 dB increments (or as requested)

Antenna Authority offers a wide assortment of directional, wideband antennas and other equipment used for radio direction finding and Geo location. We are experts in covert antennas, vehicles and their operation. We are also ready to design new products to meet your specific needs.

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