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Product Code --- AADF-3100 PROCESSOR
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An Accurate Compact Processor for Mobile DF Operations

The AADF-3100 Mobile DF processor is a single channel DF system for vehicle, airborne, fixed, or shipboard use.  It is designed to work with the covert series of annular slot antennas and can cover 1 MHz to 3 GHz in 5 bands. The system uses sign wave modulation to preserve the directional intelligence of the RF signal.  These antennas are typically low profile or totally undercover.

For better gain and higher frequency coverage the AADF-3100 will also work with log periodic antenna systems that cover 600 MHz to 6 GHz in one band. 

The AADF-3100 is designed to receive primarily vertically polarized signals.

The AADF-3100 provides all power and control to the antenna system through a single control cable.  The received signal with bearing information encoded is routed to the receiver through RF coaxial cable.

The processor has RS-232 input for GPS information and interlaces this with the DF data that is sent to a computer for mapping and bearing plotting. 


Back Panel


 Perspective View



RF Performance Specifications

Frequency Coverage: 

1 MHz to 3 GHz available
Dependent on antenna and receiver
Azimuths Coverage: 360 in azimuth
Bearing Integration:

100 MS to 10 seconds
Fast update on COR activation

Offset compensation:

0 deg to 360 deg


Manually set depending on receiver and antenna

DF Technique:

Watson-Watt single frequency or sequencial


Log-periodic dipole array
Annular slot(s) multiple bays

Bearing Accuracy:

1 degree instrumental
final accuracy depends on antenna
system and installation

External receiver requirement compatibility

Icom 8500 (w/Modified AGC and IF)
AOR 8600 (w/Modified AGC and IF)
Miniceptor WJ 8609
Nanoceptor SI-8631
Picoceptor SI-8649

Electrical Specifications


11.5 - 15.5 VDC
1 amps

Interface to computer

RS-232  8-N-1

Interface to GPS                                      

RS-232  8-N-1




50 ohms nominal
Polarization Vertical




BNC, DB-9 (optional Mil-Spec)

    Mechanical Specifications


Height: 3" (21.6 cm),  Width: 7" (30.5 cm) 
Depth: 7" (305 cm),     Weight: 5 lbs (4.1 kg)


Operating Temp.: -40C to +60C
Storage Temp.: -40C to +70C
Humidity: 95%

Stable rugged construction
Compact light weight
Works in harsh conditions

Ordering Information

Model No.      AADF-3100  

For use with following antennas     
Model No.      QLPD-3120  Log Periodic  antenna type 
Model No.      DASA-3160   Annular Slot Antenna type   

Printed in U.S.A. Copyright 6/1/2009
One year warranty
Specifications subject to change without notice

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